Sending resume and cover letter

How to do a good follow up after sending a resume and cover letter?

You see a very appealing job that exactly matches your profile. You adapt your resume and cover letter and are ready to send your jewellery!

What will it be, fax, email or mail? Maybe the three to be sure your CV reaches the right hands?

One thing is for sure, it is useless to send your resume three times for the same position. The key to ensuring that your resume and cover letter are in the hands of the recruiter is to do a follow up!

Today the best way to send your CV is by email though faxing or mailing remains alternative means.

How to maximize your follow up efforts (depending on the case)?

1) You sent your resume and cover letter through the database of a very large company. You obviously do not have the name of the person handling the position. The best thing to do is to wait. If you have a contact within the company get information on who is responsible for recruiting, is it possible when suggested to reach that person? If so what would be the best time to do it? Your contact could collect all these information from the hiring manager.

2) You sent your resume and cover letter; you have the name of the contact person with the phone number. Wait one or two days before doing the follow up. If you do not have right number, do your research to find the name of the person to contact and follow up.

3) If the recruiter says there is no need to call it is inappropriate to do otherwise.

Following up is very important so be prepared for a telephone interview when doing it. Be ready to answer various questions that the recruiter may ask relating to the position: Do you have the required diploma? The required experience? The required qualifications? Are you bilingual? …

Here’s how you can introduce yourself.

“Hello, my name is … who is handling the xxx position? Can I talk to him/her? “

Once you reach the responsible here’s how to proceed:

Email (template) to send after submitting your resume and cover letter

“Hello, my name is … are you responsible for recruitment for the xxx position? I’ve sent my resume xxx days ago and I wanted to know if you’ve received it? In view of my resume, you will find that I have xxx years of experience as …”

If the person is listening, you can develop on your training and on any relevant factor relating to the position. Whatever the case, be brief and suggest a meeting if you feel that the person is interested. “I’m available for an interview if you’re willing to meet me.”

Be ready because your phone interview could result in an interview.

Nina Ngonya
HR Advisor

Interview, Job search