Winning portfolio to apply for jobs

How to create a winning portfolio?

You are perhaps in Africa, North America or Europe. The rules for job searching are the same: prepare a winning portfolio and cling hardly to it! Indeed, one must be ready to hear refusals, so not to be discouraged at the beginning for the journey to find a job can be very long. Patience is the first of virtues.

How to come up with a winning portfolio?

Let’s talk about a winning portfolio, what is it? What is it made of? Your portfolio is simply all the documents you need when you engage a job search. It contains of all documents that the employer asks for or is likely to ask for. Everything must be ready for the D-day. The principal documents of the portfolio are: your resume, your references, your qualifications, equivalent qualifications if you’ve studied in a country different from where you want to work. One evidence is to add to your portfolio any documents that can validate and support your candidacy. For example, if you’re applying for a driver’s position, obviously you’ll submit your driver’s license.

We now linger on what we call your professional photography: your resume. Being said like this, it is easier to understand why it (your photo) must show you on your best profile. When an employer looks at your resume, it has to give him the urge to meet you as a result of your outer beauty (the shape of your resume) and when studying it, he indeed owes to be seduced by your inner beauty (you’re the perfect profile, you’re the person he was expecting…). All professionals agree that the resume is the most important document in your job search, simply because it is the first element, the first information which your future employer will have of you … you must then be on your best day!

Now that you understand the paramount importance of your resume and why in spite of your track record of hell, you still haven’t been called, we will work together on your resume to make it more attractive. That will be the subject of our next column. How can the resume be more attractive to get the telephone interview, from there a selection interview and finally … our dream job?
So long!

Nina Ngonya

HR Advisor

Interview, Job search