Finding a job in Africa

Finding a job in Africa: 5 steps to land your dream job fast

Finding a job in Africa can be a discouraging and demotivating exercise. Here are some recommendations that can improve your job search techniques on the African continent.

5 steps to land your dream job fast

1. Plan your job search

Set your goals according to your personal needs and set a deadline to achieve your goals.

2. Participate in networking activities

Do not hesitate to participate in discussion forums, social gathering (like “5à7”), associations, social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc..)

3.Get the vision and mission of companies through a rigorous research

Check the companies websites, articles, press release, activity report, etc..

4. Choose carefully the companies according to your needs in step 1: Plan your job search

5. Learn and understand the “culture” of the different companies you contacting

Discuss with employees of companies you are targeting, participate in the companies events and watch their corporate videos.

Finding a job in Africa can be a long process, we hope that these recommendations will allow you to regain confidence and above all to get the job of your dreams.

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